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Oakland Kosher Foods welcomes you to the world of gourmet kosher food. We have the highest standard of koshrut in the Bay Area, and upon request can send you the Rabbinical supervision letter. If you or your guests have a special diet or want something that is not on the menu below, that can be easily accommodated. For example, we can provide Halal food.


The meals are individually boxed with plastic silverware, napkin, and if main course needs to be reheated, it is in a safe microwavable container. If you want the meals served with real tableware & silverware, there is an additional charge of $35.00. There will be a 10% surcharge if ordering meals and/or making changes at the last minute. The price does not include delivery or sales tax. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Please place orders 2 days in advance.

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